Ms Cynthia Tan, a passionate and very skilled accounting professional with more than 15 years of experience in accounting, financial reporting, human resource and income tax compliance. Her great passion in GST and other related matters have emerged herself to become a GST Consultant subsequent to the implementation of GST in Malaysia.

With her extensive past experience in the accounting field, she is able to handhold her clients to go through the whole GST implementation process starting from GST registration, GST implementation on company’s operation, setting up of accounting system to be in compliance with GST regulations as well as providing training to the clients. She has also continued in providing services such as GST support services, assisting in GST audit, meeting with RMCD officers and GST appeal at GST Appeal Tribunal.

Her goals in life are simple – to continue lending a helping hand to those who in need. This belief in life has urge her to actively helping people in social media by sharing her knowledge and skills. She also conducted GST talk to the public, associations as well as conducted in-house GST and income tax training and Webinar for local companies.


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