Tax Highlight – July 2016 (Important Notice on Removal of Guide)

Our Tax Highlight – July 2016 (Important Notice)

The “Guide on Accounting Software Enhancement towards GST Compliance (revised as at 1 August 2016) (as discussed in our GST Note 3 of our Tax Highlight – July 2016) has been removed.

In the announcement, the RMCD further extended that:-

1. It will be replaced with previous Guide with some amendments and improvement

However, which guide or date has not been clearly stated.

2. Tax Code “GS” (disregarded supply) should not declared in GST-03

(as discussed in GST Note 3(a) of our Tax Highlight – July 2016)

It is unclear whether new tax codes will be removed or not. We make a post again on the issuance of a revised guide.

Users can check out the announcement below


RMCD Announcement


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