Budget Highlight 2018

Our Tax Highlight – Issue 26

The Budget 2018 claims to be the best annual expenditure ever tabled by the federal government by our Prime Minister. Many think is a fair and non-election Budget while others may think otherwise. Nonetheless, what are the impact and changes to us, the accountants and practitioners? Below are some of the salient points of Budget 2018:-

1. Harmonising GST treatment for magazine, journals, periodicals and comics
2. Value of taxable supply in relation to GST deregistration
3. GST Act changes on non-GST registrant
4. 2% Reduction in individual income tax bands
5. 50% tax exemption on rental income
6. ICT Accelerated Capital Allowance for Businesses
7. Implementation of Earning Stripping Rules to replace Thin Capitalisation Rules on control cross-border interest expense
8. Extension of Tax Incentives
9. RPGT changes for non-citizens

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